Committed to the philosophy of giving cutlery a decorative character, we present a wide range of finishes and coatings that allow for a perfect adaptation to all environments.


An alternative process to the traditional glossy finish, which gives each piece a versatile style. Differentiator.


It provides a uniform texture, with a velvety touch that captivates our senses. Delicately bold pieces that transform your table into a unique and contemporary environment.


Perfect symbiosis between past and present. The aged appearance of the cutlery reflects a strong character. Robust. Timeless.
All of these finishes can be combined with various coatings, PVD, 24K Gold, Silver, Biocompatible Painting and/or Laser.


Each piece coated in 24K Gold, in whole or in part, breathes tradition and exclusivity. Refinement. Lux.


It stands out as another way of adding value to cutlery, which can become a true work of art.


Laser engraving of designs, applicable to all models with a smooth surface. This technique allows us to differentiate our products, giving them a unique and personalized design, in any of the finishes we have available.


Combine colors, collections and textures to obtain infinite possibilities, using the most innovative and advanced technology.


It is a thin ceramic coating with high adhesion, made in a highly ionized plasma deposition process, chemically inert and biocompatible. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology is used to decorate our cutlery. We have a wide range of colors, such as White Gold, Gold, Copper, Chocolate, Black, Rainbow, Dark Blue and Anthracite.